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intellectual but intellectual helpless, feels sad, bursts into tears, this is I looks at "Person to Middle age" the after feeling. Said the work like Mr./Mrs. Hu Xiang Ling which has.. allowed to dare extremely to be sensitive at that time to intellectual's policy question, such as intellectual's status, the treatment question, exposed in the article, let this novel have has...the some friends said he was the Chinese ballad conscience, perhaps this exaggerated, but at least reflected in our ballad music the universal paleness; Some friends said Zhou Yunpeng the ballad cannot calculate intellectual's ballad, he compared to the intellectual also intellectual , only is in fact he sings tells the truth but they to get the wage to say "is white" the speech. Examination... multi- Tags: Zhou Yunpeng... but now China, everywhere all has can be literate, writes, has the certain school record and the knowledge cultural worker or the intellectual , .. lacks leads the outstanding cultural worker which the populace thought sublimates.. China's intellectuals , China's outstanding personmembers, man penchant y already were willing were not transform the society but are transformed by the society, or ran away to the genuine cultural worker's sacred sentiment, abandoned... the report to point out "for 12 years, our country majority intellectual had the radical transformation and the enormous progress", reaffirmed our country overwhelming majority intellectual was belongs to the working people the intellectual , restored in 1956 the intellectual question conference to intellectual's correct appraisal, and the emphasis had to display the science and scientist's function in the socialist construction. On March 7... Choukoution person's abundant guest intellectual is a nationality's back saidmy graduate student good intention helps the person actu schoolwork ally the storywhich blackmails said my graduate student good intention helps the person actually the story which blackmails me to have a graduate student, a very honest upright girl, good-hearted, is glad to help theperson, the studies is also good, her undergraduate course certainly is not our this specialized, Belongs to cross... reason is Hao study has recently written a short abundant article, discusses the intellectual . " The intellectual " a word translates not the good intellectual is the intellectual translation, Hao study.. Such mentions, is a intellectual not to be easy, because a intellectual one half is a scholar, one half is the researcher. But a intellectual not essential in the knowledge and a pure... Min Naiben deeply to feel from this the depth, the society is stable, nationality's promotion, Displayed the talent for the intellectual to provide the infinite broad space. Min Naiben had said, "the China intellectual's tradition, was the hope gives the motherland and the people own knowledge contribution, this was since 1100 tradition. Like me took an ordinary teacher, usually solidly... scholar not necessarily is the intellectual . I certainly knew has rolled up like a mat the mainland very many years intellectual topic discussion, also is China has the intellectual . I am compare the tendency.. They then possibly no longer have intellectual's morals, because, intellectual's responsibility since Socrates has been such establishment, you must have to stand in the first floor speak, must have to be right...

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