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[ honoredguest Yang Xiaolu ] MTV and MV not any difference, if must speak the difference, MTV is the brand concept, MV is the work concept, MTV originally is a television station's name, this was already becomes the brand a thing, but because China equated MTV to MV, therefore these two concepts confused . But present everybody quite is clear, when... "the Golmudcity transport the tube place to ' the black vehicle ' the attack never has stopped, up to at present, had 10 to imitate the green rental car ' the black vehicle ' to seize and hold in custody, also place by the high quota fine, and in transported the political department under the surveillance, extremely easily the black vehicle ' changed with the green hiring confusion ' the paint, but ' the black vehicle ' still , The vehicles transport the department responsible for the work also continuously in to seek... [ translation experience ] commercial contract England translates is easy to confuse : Issue: On linrf passes on to 2007-11-26 England translates time the commercial contract, frequently because elects with to be improper.. Therefore understood with grasps the words and expressions difference which extremely easy to confuse is extremely important, is enhances England to translate one of quality key aspects, presently commonly used also is easy seven pair of words....... vision confusion always to apricot blossom Lou Wumie the specia l favorable impression, is not the speech rake active nest , but is because the place too thin too compels, sits is uncomfortable, the food results in satisfies a craving. Is the date because.. On fresh eggplant fat cow sea level first, soup bottom fiery redred, suddenly shortly resembles a bowl hell to pull the surface, opposite party thought I eat spicily am wild, completely inspects the confusion . Fresh eggplant Tang Dezen the meeting...

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:: The Shanghai standing grain is popular electrical limited company::

3, the tantalum resistance 4, the peaceful gauge electric capacity 5, the electrolysis electric capacity 6, pastes the piece transistor 7, shines component 8, meets 9, theoscillator 10, the switch meets plug-in unit 11, the thermistor 12, the integrated circuit 13, the buzzer, the relay 14, the fuse 15, the sensitive resistance 16, the sound production component 17, the battery 18, placard piece power inductance transformer... 2007 year in August the titanium, the zirconium, the hafnium, the tungsten, the molybdenum, the vanadium, tantalum .. 2007 year in July the titanium, the zirconium, the tungsten, the molybdenum, the vanadium, the tantalum , the hafnium.. . In Yang business second tenure in office.. In Ningxia East tantalum industry limited liability company Shaanxi abundant new material limited liability company Baoji Germany Switzerland non-ferrous metal equipment manufacture company Inner Mongolia hundred Si Tetai industry... the supplies the NEC brand on-hand merchandise original installation entire specification to paste the piece tantalum electric capacity for a long time, the proxy series including E/SV, F/SV, SV/Z, PS/L, PS/G and so on. The product does not have the lead wire, the volume.. Pastes the piece tantalum electric capacity: NICHICON (Nepali lucky Kang), NEC,AVX (the Beijing porcelain), KEMET MCU:SUNPLUS (insult positive), ELAN(righteousness is prosperous), SITRONIX ( creates) this company... Corporation by 3', 4' and the 5' niobic acid lithium, the tantalum sour lithium, the quartz crystal and the chip production processing primarily, the development direction locates to the artificial crystal area of technology, is China biggest.. The existing crystal growth craft (by niobic acid lithium, tantalum sour lithium crystal primarily), optics processing craft (mainly is high accuracy, high grade plane processing craft and equipment) the production line, and... Baoji strength China non-ferrous metal limited company specialized production tantalum material and other non-ferrous metal materials and the equipment. Main product: Tantalum tube, tantalum board, tantalum silk, tantalum materialheater, titanium tube, titanium board, titanium stick, titanium silk, titanium steel compound board, titanium fitting, titanium standard letter, titanium filter, titanium row tubular heat exchanger, titaniumresponse cauldron, titanium tower, titanium vessel, nickel... fluorine tantalum sour potassium, , the carbonized niobium, the carbonization.. (on November 22) the oxidized tantalum , the columbium oxide, the high pure oxygen tantalum .. (on November 22) the soft ceramic putty, the painted pottery putty, the sculpture putty, (on November 22) the potassium soap, the river character release agent, the ceramic drawing of patterns.. (on November 22) Shanghai flies the main product which the space commodity recycling company specialized demolision.. (in November... tantalum , the niobium, the zirconium, the hafnium and so on the rare metal processing material coexists, has been through repeatedly 40 years development, by the reputation is "the Chinese titanium city".. Mainly is engaged in the tungsten, the molybdenum, the tantalum , the niobium, the titanium, the zirconium, the hafnium, the nickel and so on the rare metal and the alloy powder, the strip, the spindle, the stick, the silk, the board, the belt, the foil, the titanium belt foil as well as the depth... Baoji strength China non-ferrous metal limited company specialized production tantalum material and other non-ferrous metal materials and the equipment. Main product: The tantalum tube, the tantalum board, the tantalum silk, the tantalum material heater, the titanium tube, the titanium board, thetitanium stick, the titanium silk, the titanium steel compound board, the titanium fitting, the titanium standard letter, the titanium filter, a titanium row tubular heat exchanger, the titanium responded the cauldron, the titanium tower, titanium vessel, the nickel...

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please to register (0) to say this volume of levels have high Is does not have any significance, nearly each volume of GA all can take to us some unexpected things, from these interns first day to SGH, to today housephysician, GA truly let the audiences see outside the very many this plays collection thing. This volume of titles Forever young similarly comes from a song... the unexpected (on) T 39th chapter of unexpected (next) T 40th chapter of Anna randomly enters T the 41st chapter of unexpected news T 42nd chapter to meet the power (1) T 43rd chapter to meet the power (2) T 44 formatting th chapter to meet power (3) T 45th chapter of angels plan T 46th chapter of small space... title: In inventorying world most unexpected expensive goods xiaoyezi rank: Level of wealthy men articles: 236 integrals: 2,171 factions: Does not have the gate not to send the registration: On April 17, 2007 in building host inventorying world in most unexpected expensive goods most expensive clothing world most expensive clothing - US astronaut's clothing. Each set of values9 million US dollars! ... In world in most unexpected expensive goods 2007-11-29 19:06 most expensive clothing world most expensive clothing - US astronaut's clothing. Each set of values 9 million US dollars! The most expensive AK-47 automatic rifle had demonstrated in the Iraqi United States military Saddam special-purpose weapon which specially makes in the ruling time, completely the AK-47 rifle which makes by the gold... is most unexpected or clothing designer. The music is not divided the national boundary, likes the music the friend may pay attention to this Russia's rare talent in addition kind of tenor -VITAS. if you have the personal status the person, you can think his porpoise sound really very much has shocks the strength About Vitas specialized commentary: Vitas "daughter" author: ... unexpected welcome (1) the third volume to protect marries general the second chapter of unexpected welcome (2) the third volume to protect marries general the second chapter of unexpected welcome (3) the third volume toprotect marries General third Princess Zhang the purple vegetables (1)the third volume to protect marries General third Princess Zhang the purple vegetables (2) the third volume to prote whereof ct marries general the fourth chapter of challenge (1) third volume... Changes the home page Automobile reequipment Maintains Che Yongche Picture station the self-service swims Automobile website Changes the home page: Changes the forum with the city transaction center automobile video frequency The automobile reequips the home page: The reequipment actual combat stock car appreciation changes the support recommendation to reequip the DIY super performance vehicle automobile knowledge automobile test cross country reequipment video and music Raises Che Yongche the home page: The automobile service car care uses the vehicle attainment Picture station home page: The star draws a portrait the fragrant vehicle beautiful woman famous vehicle appreciation military weapon natural humanities the self-service swims the home page: The travel notes capture Lu Shu to equip the traveling knowledge photography Automobile website home page: Automobile specialized website Che Youhui servicing of car life overseas specialized website You now position: Changes >> the automobile to reequip >> the reequipment actual combat >> article main text Unexpected wild horse reequipment Many TX exhaust pipe all voiced sound, heard the material already arrived the shop, while convenient improved the exhaust pipe Article origin: Qq browsing quantity: Article input: Gaibar_cailing Previous article: The silver prestige spreads in front of the wide envelopment the bar Next article: Yellow astonishing M6 reequipment [ Makes commentary ] [ to join collection ] [ to tell friend ] [ to print this article ] [ closure window ] Makes your commentary (commentary content only to represent individual viewpoint, has nothing to do with with home station standpoint!) Thread In history ugliest wild horse Mustang Changes the copyright with to exempt the responsibility to declare that, 1) every this net signature writing, the picture chord video frequency manuscript, the copyright is changes possesses. Any media, the website or individual has not had to reprint, the link, the extension after this net agreement authorization pastes or by other way duplication publications. Already this net agreement authorization media, website, when downloading use must indicate " the manuscript origin: Changes " , offender this net legally will hold responsible. 2) this net indicates "picks arranges from" the article for to reprint the manuscript, this net reprint goal of stemming from the transmission more information. If this net reprint manuscript involves question and so on copyright, invites the author in two weeks the electricity or the incoming letter and this net relation. Supposes | joins the collection for the home page | to contact with stationmaster | the friendship link | copyright statement | advertisement cooperation | message center Copyright ©2,004 - 2,007 www.gaibar com all rights reserved: Shenzhen vehicle time culture dissemination limited company Telephone: 0755-82716211 facsimile number: 0755-82716245 Guangdong ICP prepares 05.098118 million

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game -heavenHanFuzui enjoys heaven Han Fuzui the high-grade 50 levels of equipmentsweaponsand the c

also is country weaponry modernization urgently needed equipment.

incarcerate tution will impel the domestic textile... whole world military reported, the three services weaponry demonstration, the campaign reviews, Veteran and military amateur's world! The Anyang forum -> entertainment leisure -> [ the military world ] -> the card tabulates the Anyang public transportatio endoderm n | Anyang train time Anyang commonly used telephone | to enter the Anyang Anyang pigeonhole forum guest to take: 13.52618022 billion Anyang well-known enterprise: Anyang steel and iron group Anyang chemical industry group Anyang... peddler that goods is every time selects time renovates a time,has the interest the friend may always stand that to brush is the winding vanishes to affection equipment some duties and the stage prop.. Raises the system baby to equip unfolds in the duty scene boast history the most Niu B weapon double hit 54.8 10 levels of clothshoes boasts 3 epic poems works - heart to die young the most formidable 1 level of...

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the jacobian storehouse function control robot direction consults addy () to program application artificial intelligence language Lisp and VC, VB, Java, NET, language and so on C# programs : The liang8401314 mood relay station subject card finally issues the forum 59,129 replies: Shui Tie! Czshenghao () irrigates chats the joke, is humorous, irrigates : ... Jacobian reduction method for diffuse optical image reconstruction Matthew E. Eames, Brian W. Pogue, Phaneendra K. Yalavarthy, and Hamid Dehghani pp. 15908-15919 [ full text: PDF (857 KB) ] Double image encryption based... Jacobian / j/Jacobsen/the elegant gram cloth woods/Jacqueminot/one kind red passes wild rose/Jaffna/Jaffna/Jainism//Jaipur/Jaipur/Jamaica/the Jamaican/Jamaica sweet wine/Jamaicin/tooth buys flavine/James/Jacob book/Zhan Mushi/Jamestown/Jamestown/Jamin... the jacobian storehouse function control robot direction consults addy () to program application artificial intelligence language Lisp and VC, VB, Java, NET, language and so on C# programs : The liang8401314 mood relay station subject card finally issues the forum 59,129 replies: Shui Tie! Czshenghao () irrigates chats the joke, is humorous, irrigates : ... The Jacobian / j/Jacobsen/the elegant gram cloth woods/Jacqueminot/one kind red passes wild rose/Jaffna/Jaffna/Jainism//Jaipur/Jaipur/Jamaica /the Jamaican/Jamaica sweet wine/Jamaicin/tooth buys flavine/James/Jacob book/Zhan Mushi/Jamestown/Jamestown/Jamin... writing reading viewing listening searching coding real music ringtones on Django performance tips Posted December 1st, 2,007 at 11:38 p.m. polyphonic ringtones on Django performance tips Posted December 1st, 2,007 at 11:04...

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the assassin

assassin evil spirit passed on the newest chapter novel as successful sassin evil spirit to pass on to2007-12 downslope -2 3:01:41 passes on the newest chapter by the home station member on, If likes the assassin evil spirit passing on this book, certainly must collect oh, votes as far as possible supports the assassin evil spirit to pass on this book temporarily not to have opening minute volume reading, but we can open as soon as possible, the assassin evil spiritpasses on the electricity soon opens, supports the assassin evil spirit bi affectation ography, please... green wild immortal trace to cause the assassin t schoolwork o hide period of time, willreduce the certain travelling speed cheat shape character rank: 12 avoids the mark 1 level of driving shapes skills, continues 5minutes, in this.. Strengthens the silent edge skill, causes itto produce fatally when strikes can promote assassin's striking power 8 second graceful character rank: 30 violently poisonous edges 1 level ofpassive strengthening violently poisonous edges skill... assassin evil spirit passes on the newest chapter to gather the collection assassin evil spirit to pass on the newest chapter to gather the collection to return to the page, the author: South dashes the wall, serializes,2007-12-2 0:53:58 renews the assassin evil spirit to pass on the work correlationto remember fondly the forever interspace top carriage circular main text first chapter of misfortune assassin second chapters of this old bird is not good bird... third chapter of fatal recollection fourth chapter of damage control... blue sky assassin | space friend abundant guest photo album interest knight blue sky assassin my topic publishes the topic knight article to compose the new article | to manage my article essence article to issue the time clicks on the number university student lover intimate 10 minutes to photograph surreptitiously on passes on (chart) 2007-12-02 1,945 measured your bold index 2007-11-30 2231...

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commerce chain more information inquiry, exchange of information chain, most greatly most entire co

Returns to the home page Joins the collection Contacts with us Home page >> classical novel frequency channel Enters the difference to arrange ? are more >> Five seasons consultation 15,560 Non- mainstream self-service chain 12,984 Five tigers alliances 9,917 Non- mainstream text chain 6,097 Bifurcation bifurcation crazy current capacity 4,894 Beijing website construction 4,643 Military model space 3,664 Sichuan building materials net 3,615 Chinese 81 nets 3,613 Medicine Yi Wang 3,611 In [ stands includes the novel: 6,434, browsing grand total: 20,420, examined today glances over: 57, examination ] Modern literature Classical novel Character biography Chivalric fiction novel Love story Detective story Science fiction Foreign literature Military history Network novel Philosophy politics Natural humanities Historical religion Poetry prose poems Amphoteric knowledge Dissertation Popularly selects Complete article Renovates the library Hong Lou Meng Author: Cao Xueqin category: Classical novel this page of browsing number of times: 5 today glance over: 2 0 Comments Browsing human spirit: [ Altogether obtains 5 human spirits to grade ] [ the browsing typeface choice: Big center small | printing | closure ] The 43rd chapter idly sought pleasure the partner to accumulate the golden sentiment temporarily for to be fragrant The earth is fragrant The speech said Madame Wang because to see Jia Munei the date at a Prospect Garden only cold, not the be big sickness, asked the medicine to eat uncooked Two medicinal preparations medicines have been also good, then has put the heart, because the life phoenix elder sister told he prepares for Jia the politics to take along the thing. Is discussing, Only sees the Jia mother to send the person to invite, Madame Wang busily makes the phoenix elder sister to come. Madame Wang asked " may also sense be big An Xie? "Jia Mudao: "today might be excellent. Just now you send the wild chicken bastard soup, I tasted as soon as have tasted, pour interesting Son, also ate two meats, in the heart has enjoyed very much. Madame "Wang says with a smile: "this is the phoenix servant girl is filial piety old woman. Calculates him The filial piety is sincere, old woman has loved him not in vain. "Jia Mu nods says with a smile: "thanks him to think. If also since birth, Again explodes two, salty soaks, eats the gruel to be interesting. That Tang Suihao, only not to gruel. The "phoenix elder sister has listened, including Busily complies, to assign the person to go to the kitchen to convey a message. Here Jia Muyou says with a smile to Madame Wang: "I send the person to ask you to come, not for other. Second day is phoenix servant girl's living The date, on two years I want to make the birthday for him, has the important matter to nearby, mixed. This year the person also is complete, Expects is being all right, we are quite happy on first. Madame "Wang says with a smile: "I also am thinking. Is happy since old woman, Why not agreed on business? "Jia Mu says with a smile: "I thought who the old times didn't arrest to make the birthday, all respectively gives respective present, this Has been also vulgar, also sense estranged resembles. Now my new method, also is not estranged, also may tease. Madame "Wang Busy road: How Ms. was "thinking is good, how is good. "Jia Mu says with a smile: "I was thinking, we also study that are young Family everybody collect the member, how many this money is managing, you said good obstinate not good is obstinate? Madame "Wang says with a smile: "this is very good, But did not know how collects the law? "Jia Mu heard that, happily gets up, busily dispatches the person to invite Artemisia stelleriana mother's sister Madame Xing and so on, calls Invites the girls and the precious jade, in that government office the treasure daughter-in-law and depended everybody and so on to have the facial countenance steward the wife also all to call. The numerous servant girls married woman extremely happily sees the Jia mother all to be also happy, each one separately invites inviting, passes on the biography, does not have Food free time, old, few, on, gets down, has crowded a room. Only the Artemisia stelleriana mother's sister and Jia Mu sits facing each other, Xing Madame Madame Wang only sits on the door first two chairs, the valuable ornamental hairpin sisters and so on 56 personally sit on the kang, the precious jade sits in In front of Jia Muhuai, underground Man Man has stood place. Jia Mumang the life slightly takes several to come, for depends the big mother and so on several high The year has the dignity mother sat. The Jia government office custom, the aged parents' family member, also has had the dignity compared to the young lord, Therefore You phoenix elder sister and so on the next station, that Lai Da mother and so on 34 old mothers are considering a crime by all means, all sits in is small on. Jia Mu smiles just now what one says was saying listened with the numerous people. Numerous people who doesn't collect this interest? Again also has with the phoenix elder sister is good Feels emotion hopes such, has dreads the phoenix elder sister, looks forward to flatter: Moreover all is, institute which takes comes out By Wen Ciyan, all joyfully acknowledged. Jia Muxian said that, "I 22. The "Artemisia stelleriana mother's sister says with a smile: "I along with am old too Too, also was 22. Madame "Xing king husband humanity: "we do not dare with old woman shoulder to shoulder, the nature is short one and so on, each Person 62. "You Li Wanye says with a smile: "we also are naturally short one and so on, each person 22. "Jia Mumang With Li Wandao: "you the widow are unemployed, there also pulls your this money, I left for you. The "phoenix elder sister busily says with a smile: " Old woman do not be happy, also calculates the account embraces the matter again. Old woman on the body had two minute, leaves for the big sister-in-law 22, was saying is happy, as soon as met the sub- recollection to love dearly. After the son also had said ' all is spent for the phoenix servant girl, Causes a skillful method, roars me to put out 34 members darkly to come in to make up, I also have a dream. "said the numerous people all smiled. Jia Mu says with a smile: How does "depend on you? The "phoenix elder sister says with a smile: "birthday, I already does not enjoy . An my money cannot forgive, alarms these people to be really restless, was inferior to big sister-in-law these minute I left for him. I arrived that on first to eat a thing, has enjoyed the luck. Madame "Xing and so on has listened, all said" very is ". Jia Mufang permits . The phoenix elder sister also says with a smile: "I also have a speech. I think ancestor 22, also has the forest younger sister valuable brother Younger brother's two members. Mother's sister 22, also has a valuable younger sister's member, this but actually also justice. Is only two wives Each 62, own also are few, also does not leave for the person, this somewhat not justice. The ancestor suffered a loss! "Jia Muting Busily said with a smile: The "but actually my phoenix elder sister to me, this was saying very is. Or was you, I is called them to roar Went. The "phoenix elder sister says with a smile: The "ancestor only gives his elder sister two two wives, occupies, sends the multi- factions to be few, Each for left for a minute. "Jia Mumang said that, The "this very justice, is this. The "Lai Da mother busily stands up Smiles said that, "this might instead! I am angry for two wives. In the that side is the son wife, in here is in the niece, Pours is not approaching mother-in-law the girl, others. Here wife has become the stranger, in the niece has unexpectedly become an outside niece Son. "said Jia Mu and the numerous people all laughed. Depends the big mother because also to ask: "young ladies of the house 22, I Also this was naturally short as soon as waits. "Jia Mu heard, road: "this is applicable. You although this are short one and so on, I know you These all are the wealthy person, the rank although low, the money are actually more than them. You and a their example only then causes. Aunt "numerous listen Hastily complied. Jia Muyou said that, The "girls only should a scenery, each person according to a month-long month example. " Also turns head is called the mandarin duck to come, "you also collect several people, discussed has collected. The "mandarin duck is complying, goes not not many when brought to be even The son, assails the one's nose, the pink clouds and so on also has several to come, also some 22, also some 12. Jia Muyin asks evenly: " Don't you make the birthday for your lord, but also enters inside this? "is even says with a smile: "I that secretly other had, this Is in an official, also a this minute. "Jia Mu says with a smile: "now at last is the good child. The "phoenix elder sister also says with a smile: About "all entire. Also some two maternal aunts paternal grandmother, he, also asks. Arrives them is a principle, otherwise, they only when despised They. "Jia Mu has listened, busily said: Has "but, how but actually forgotten them! Only feared they do not have time, calls one A servant girl asks. "was saying, early had the servant girl to go, the half day came back said: "each also leaves 22. "Jia Muxi Road: "takes calculates clearly, total how many. "You because scolds the phoenix elder sister to say that, "I do not have your this fully tire of ! Such mother-in-law the Aunt child collects the money to you the birthday, you are also insufficient, what also draws in two painstakingly to make? "phoenix The elder sister also says with a smile: "you little talk nonsense, as soon as met sub- has left here, I only then and you did accounts. Their two why painstakingly? Was rich also is Bai Tian sees somebody off the person, was inferior to arrests us to be happy. " Was saying, has already reckoned up, altogether collected 152 to have -odd. Jia Mudao: A " liquor could not use. "especially Said that, "both does not treat, the banquet and are not many, 23rd all sufficed with. Prime, the play does not spend money, province in this Above. "Jia Mudao: The "phoenix servant girl said that class of good, passes on that class. "phoenix elder sister road: "we family's organized group all Listened ripely, but actually spend several money to call a class to listen. "Jia Mudao: "this matter I gave the treasure elder brother wife. Viet Nam The nature is called the phoenix the servant girl not to hold a dessert, enjoys on first only then to calculate. "You is complying. Also said an answering, all knows the Jia mother Has been deficient, only then gradually all disperses. You and so on delivers Xing Madame Madame Wang two people to diverge, then toward the phoenix elder sister room in discussed how manages the birthday the speech. Phoenix elder sister Son road: "you do not need to ask me, you only looked old woman's meaningful glance handled affairs. "You says with a smile: "you this Arab League son, Also too was good has greatly transported. I when have any matter to call us to go, original Shan Weizhei. Disbursed money did not calculate, but also wants me Worries about, how do you thank me? The "phoenix elder sister says with a smile: "you do not talk nonsense, I have not called you to come, to thank your any! You feared worries about? You return to old woman to go, again sent. "You says with a smile: "you look him to be popular like this! I urge You receive a son to be good. Too filled has come. The "two people also said a chapter of side disperses. Next day delivers the money rather the national government to come, You just now gets up combs the hair and wash the face, because asked is who delivers, the maidservants return Said: "is Aunt Lin. "You life has then been called him. The maidservant walks to the under room, has called the forest coming. You Assigned him to treadon has sat, was at the same time busy is combing the hair and wash the face, at the same time asked him: "this package of money altogether how many? "forest returning to Said: "this is our underlings' money, collected has first delivered. Old woman and wives does not have. "was saying The maidservants are returning said that, In "that government office wife and the secondary wife sent the person to deliver the member to come. "You ridicules the road: "small hoof Sub-, specially can remember these unimportant speech. Yesterday only old woman for a while was happy, intentionally had to study that small family Collects the member, you remembered, to your mouth in when proper saying. Also not quickly met has come in quite , again hit Sends them to go. The "maidservant responds, busily has met, altogether two, Lian Baochai the black eyebrow coloring jade all had. You asks also Few whose, forest road: Ms. "also few, wife, girls and under girls. "You said that, "also has your daughter-in-law? "forest road: Grandma "passes, this money all in the hand sends from two paternal grandmothers, Altogether all had. " Was saying, You has combed the hair and wash the face, assigns the person to serve the vehicles, comes for a while to the glory government office, first sees the phoenix elder sister. Only sees the phoenix elder sister Has sealed the money, is just about to sends to. You asked that, "was all uneven? The "phoenix elder sister says with a smile: "all had, quickly took away Has thrown me no matter. "You says with a smile: "I some , pour must work as flour dim sum. "was saying really Does not only have Li Wan a minute. You says with a smile: "I said your ghost, how your big sister-in-law's not having? "phoenix The elder sister says with a smile: "that also insufficiently cause? The short minute son, and so on insufficient I has given you again. "You said that, " Yesterday you cultivated the behavior nearby the person, now comes and me depends, this absolutely not depended on you. I only must go with old woman. "phoenix The elder sister says with a smile: "I thought you are formidable. Bright has settles, my also Ding is the fourth heavenly stem and the fourth earthly branch is the mao, your also other complaint. "You Says with a smile: "you are ordinary also feared. Did not look you place incur remote me only then not to depend on you ? Was saying, is even one The minute has taken, said: "is even, comes! Receives you goes, and so on has been insufficient, I add for you. "even meeting Italy, because said: Grandma "first is causing, if were left over has enjoyed me to be same again. "You says with a smile: "only permits your that lord to do The shortcoming, does not have I to do a favor. "was even have to receives. You also said that, "I think your lord is such careful, makes this Money there causes! Could not cause, Ming Erdai in the coffin has caused. "was saying at the same time, at the same time toward Jia Muchu. First paid respects, probably said two speeches, then walk to the mandarin duck room in and the mandarin duck discussed, only listens to mandarin duck's idea conduct, How asks for Jia Mu's liking. Two people discuss appropriately. When You just before leaving, also mandarin duck 22 money also him, said that, " This could not cause. "was saying, a diameter comes out, also said an answering to Madame Wang nearby. Because Madame Wang has entered Buddha Hall, pink clouds minute also him. Sees the phoenix elder sister not in nearby, for a while week, Zhao two people also. His two Does not dare to receive. You said that, "you pitiful, there has these spare cash? The phoenix servant girl had then known, has me to be supposed . The "two people heard, thanks profusely the side received. Thereupon a You diameter comes out, rides the vehicle to go home. Is a cinch. Looks into the distance already is in September second day date, in the garden the people all inquired You manages extremely lively, not only has the play, including plays hundred The play and the storytelling men and women first all have, all arranges seeks pleasure obstinately plays. Li Wanyou said to the numerous sisters that, "now is proper society Date, but did not forget. The precious jade does not come, to think he only attempts lively, simple and elegant put aside. "was saying, then assigns the bifurcation looks makes any, quickly has invited. The maidservant has gone to the half day, returns said: The " elder sister said that, now early in the morning leaves the gate Went. The "numerous people have listened, all the surprise said: "does not have principle of again the gate. This servant girl is muddled, did not know speaks. "because of The life green jade ink goes. The green jade ink comes back for a while said that, "might not really leave the gate. Said had a friend to die, exited searches mourning to go. " road: "decidedly no matter. Depends on his any, again does not have today to leave principle of the gate. You call to assail the one's nose to come, I ask him. " Just was saying, only sees assails the one's nose to walk. Li Wan and so on all said that, "now depends on him to have any matter, also should not a gate. First one Your two paternal grandmothers' birthdays, old women this and so on are all happy, under two your family places the numerous people join in the fun, he but actually walked, Two, also is a first society day, he does not ask for leave or time off, secretly went! "assails the one's nose to sigh: "yesterday evening Said, now early in the morning gets up has the important matter to the northern static palace in, hurries back. Urges him not to have to go, he must not According to. Now early in the morning gets up, also the essential factor upper and lower garments put on, thought was north in the static palace important concubine not, also cannot to know. Road and so on "Li Wan: "if so, also should go, only was also should come back. "was saying, everybody also discussed: "we Writes poetry by all means, waits for him to come back punishes him. "just was saying, only sees Jia Muyi to send person's to invite, then all came toward front. Assails the one's nose to reply with an explanation the precious jade matter, the Jia mother is unhappy, then assigns the person to meet. Original is valuable in has a private affair, to first on first on instruction tea smoke: "tomorrow early in the morning will have to leave the gate, will prepare next two The horse is waiting in the after entrance, does not want with. Said is expensive for Li, I went toward the northern government office in. wants some people to look for me, Is called him to block does not need to look, only north said in the government office has stayed behind, in any case comes. The "tea smoke also cannot trace the brains, have to depends on The word said. Now early in the morning, really prepared two horses to wait in the garden back door. Dawn, only saw precious jade all over the body pure element, From comes out, maintains total silence cross starts, as soon as bends the waist, on is inundating the chlorine along the street even slightly Tea smoke also have to cross Ma Jiabian Catches up with, busily asked in behind: "goes toward there? "precious jade road: "this road is goes toward there? "tea smoke road: "this Is leaves the north gate the main road. Exited has been desolate has not been possible obstinate. The "precious jade heard that, selects the reason: "is just about to desolately The place is good. "was saying, more added the whip, that horse has already transferred two bends, left the city gate. The tea smoke even more does not have Idea, have to closely with. Gas ran 78 miles roads to come out, the person smoke was gradually scarce, the precious jade side restrained the horse, turned head asks the tea smoke road: "this In may have sells fragrant? "tea smoke road: "fragrant but actually has, did not know is that is same? The "precious jade wants to say that, The "other fragrance is not good, must , Yun, falls three type. The "tea smoke says with a smile: "these three type may be rare. The "precious jade is awkward. The tea smoke sees him to be awkward. Because Asks: What does "have fragrant to make to cause? I see two masters often the young purse to have disperse the fragrance, why not looks. "reminded the treasure The jade, then reaches behind the back to the front piece of a Chinese-style jacket on to pull out a purse to come, to trace, unexpectedly some two stars sink fast, in the heart likes: " Is disrespectful. "thought again own bring by oneself, pours the ratio to buy many. Thereupon also asks the stove coal. Tea smoke road: "this may . Wilderness open country there has? Why not early said with these that, brought to come not to be how can it be that cheap. "precious jade road: "muddled thing, If might bring, also died not like this runs. The "tea smoke had thought the half day, says with a smile: "I an idea, had not known Under two masters hearts how? I thought two masters continue with this, only feared also must use other. This is not a matter. Now we Proceeds to walk again two miles, was the narcissus hut. The "precious jade listened busily to ask that, "narcissus hut in here? Better, I Goes. "was saying, adds the whip vanguard, at the same time turns head to the tea smoke road: "this narcissus hut paternal aunt Zichang goes toward our family, We this arrive there, borrows the incense burner with him cause, he naturally is willing. "tea smoke road: "let alone he is our family The incense and candle, is in a temple which is even did not know in vain, borrows with him, he does not dare to reject. Is only, my common two masters Most tires of this narcissus hut, how now like this liked? "precious jade road: "I because hate not to know the reason, Mixes makes offerings before the gods to mix builds the temple, this all is the same day rich husbands and these rich simpleminded women hears to have a god, covers The temple is supplying, also did not know who that god is, because listens to the unofficial history novel, then believed really. For instance inside this narcissus hut because For is the Goddess of Luoshui River, therefore the famous narcissus hut, had never realized since time immemorial certainly not a Goddess of Luoshui River, that originally was the Cao Zijian lie, who knew This fool modelled the picture to supply. Now actually gathers my concern, therefore borrows him as soon as to use. " Was saying already comes to the gate in front of. That was old sees the precious jade to come, the matter had the accident, unexpectedly looked like the space to fall down a live dragon General, is busy gives regards, the life old road meets the horse. The precious jade goes in, also does not do obeisance picture of the Goddess of Luoshui River, actually by all means appreciated. Although is the clay sculpture, actually really has "to fly fast if the startled great wild goose, is graceful if You Long" condition, the "Holland leaves the green wave, the date reflects posture of the rosy-colored clouds at dawn". Valuable The jade unconsciously trickles the tear. Old has offered the tea. The precious jade because borrows the incense burner with him. That has gone to the half day, Lian Xianggong the paper The horse has all prepared. Precious jade road: "totally does not use. "then assigns the tea smoke to hold the stove to leave to the rear court in, sorts together cleanly The side, unexpectedly cannot sort. Tea smoke road: On "that well platform how? The "precious jade nod, comes in once to the well platform on, stove Lays down. The tea smoke has stood one side. The precious jade pulls out fragrant burns, with tears in one's eyes has executed , turned round the life to receive. The tea smoke complies, Also does not receive, busily crawled knocks several heads, the inside the mouth wished: "I tea smoke with two masters these years, two masters' concerns, I Has not known, only has now this sacrificial offering not to tell me, me not . Only is this the soul which offers a sacrifice to although Does not know the name, wants to come naturally is that world has one, space unparalleled, an extremely intelligent extremely elegant elder sister younger sister. Two masters concerns cannot export, let me for wish: If the fragrant soul has the feeling, is full of affection, although masculine and feminine elements gap, since friend Between, often looks the period of five days two masters, has not had may not. You will bless two masters in the netherworld next life also to change a girl, with you Accompanies, again might not this have the eyebrow damn fool. "said finishes, also knocks several heads, only then crawls. The precious jade listens to him not to say, then could not support has smiled, because kicked him to say: "rests the nonsense, looked the person hears the joke. "tea smoke Gets up has received the incense burner, is walking with the precious jade, because of road: "I already and said, two masters have not eaten, are called him along with Then has tidied up a thing, two masters reluctantly eat. I knew inside now us big platoon bamboo mat feast, is lively extremely, two masters Only then hid for this came out. In here is in any case pure one day, also on arrived the ritual. If does not eat the thing, breaks is applicable. "precious jade road: The "play liquor already does not eat, this casual element eats why not. "tea smoke road: "this then is. Also some saying, We have come, but also some people did not feel relieved. If nobody did not feel relieved, was then late entered a city why not? "if some people did not feel relieved, Two masters enter a city go home are. First old woman, wife has also put the heart, second ritual also, mediocre. Was the family goes saw a play drinks wine, also certainly was not two masters intends, originally only was accompanying the parents completely filial piety. Two masters if list in order to This Ms. Gu, wife , is not that the soul which offers a sacrifice to is just now not been peaceful. How do two masters think my this saying? The "precious jade says with a smile: "your meaning I was guessing, you had been thinking only your came out with me, comes back you to fear the load is not, Therefore takes this big topic to urge me. I have only then come, but for a ritual, drinks wine again sees a play, certainly has not said on first not Enters a city. This wish, has caught up with is entering a city, everybody can rest assured that, how can it be that not two its road. "tea smoke road: "this was better. "was saying two people come to the meditation room, really that tidied up table of elements vegetables, the precious jade has carelessly eaten, the tea smoke has also eaten. Two people then started still return to the old road. The tea smoke only exhorts in behind: The "two masters quite are riding, this horse always does not have greatly rides, In the hand raises is tightening. "was saying at the same time, already entered a city, still went in from the back door, came to the joy red courtyard in. Assails the one's nose And so on all in the room, only some several old married woman does not look at the room, saw him to come, all happy beaming with joy, said: "Arab League makes up Buddha, might come! A hoyden anxious was insane! Above is attending a banquet, two masters quickly are off. The "precious jade hears busily the element The clothing escaped, from sought has exchanged, asked attended a banquet in any place, the old married woman returned says in the new lid big reception room. The precious jade heard that, a diameter comes toward the reception room, in the ear already faintly hears sound of the song tube. Just to the lobby that side, only saw the son sits alone in the porch sagging tear, as soon as sees him to come, then receives the tear to say: The "phoenix has come, quickly goes in. Again one Meets sub- does not come, all counter-. The "precious jade greets with a smile the road: "you guessed I went toward there? The " son does not answer, scratches the tear by all means. The precious jade busily enters in the hall, saw Madame Jia Muwang and so on, the numerous people eternal truth phoenix has been ordinary. The precious jade busily is catching up with and the phoenix elder sister Salute. Madame Jia Muwang all said he does not know the good and evil, "how didn't say the sound secretly has run, this also! Bright The son like this, and so on the master goes home again, must tell him to hit you. "was saying also scolds with the young male servants all hears one side only him the speech, Said there goes, also does not return to. At the same time also asked his that has gone, might eat any, might fool. The precious jade only returns said that, North "a static king's love concubine yesterday not, goes for him. He cries such, not good abandons Comes back, therefore has waited for as soon as meeting. "Jia Mudao: "later again secretly will leave the gate, not first will tell us, certainly will call Your father hits you. The "precious jade is complying. Because must hit with the boys, the numerous people busily ask for leniency, also urges: "is old too Too also did not need , he already to come back, everybody should feel relieved the happy chapter. "Jia Mu first did not feel relieved that, naturally makes a determined effort, Now saw him to come, was happy also has -odd, there also hated, also has not raised, but also feared he did not enjoy, or elsewhere has not eaten Full, on the road , instead in every possible way has been roaring him. Assails the one's nose early to come . Everybody still saw a play. Same day develops is "Jing Chaiji". Jia Muxue the mother's sister and so on all looks feels sad cries, also has sighs, also has scolds. Must know the end, gets down Returns to the decomposition. 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