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G8500GT connection aspect to provide the DVI+VGA+D-sub connection,belonged to the practical school, also satisfied has high carried LCD DVI the digital interface, also has met the mainstream user's VGA connection need, the rich connection with set up the family game platform for the high clear video output all to provide the best choice. The god boat new dream G3000 overall disposition extremely is also strong. Used 64... now the pet pig to have to satisfy only then to be allowed to marry the others why all to like being called me the pig my long picture? Why may I same live I like the pig on why not to be allowed to like the pig... Should like it equally to satisfy ? Why may I same live I li ke the pig on why not to be allowed to like the pig... What the life likes? A our... returned this time to try to harness "time to satisfy " on, in 20 century's ends, many industries started to detect the sole function the product, already gradually was possibly unable satisfied is expending the demand, therefore gradually promoted a function richer each item of product to satisfy the consumer, but in the automobile industry, how created a multi-purpose vehicle to plant, has become thenumerous families cart yard headache question, ... to want next generation to manage finances the plan to recommend satisfies the request to want next generation to manage finances the plan [ the author: Zhongshan thinks the source origin: Zhongshan thinks the source to click on the number: 0 renewals time: 2008-1-7 article input: Admin ] [ typeface: ] User: Nonamehuang2004 expense disbursement plan: Wang Qing's request in the expense and the life, cannot reduce...

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