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the our company to organize in 1985 to shocks China and the world "the Wannan Incident" to have, the historical glorious Chiangnan famous town -- Anhui Jing xian luxuriantly growing forest, was the home most early uses the Academia Sinica Shanghai institute of organic chemistry proprietary material -- "the fluorine plastic alloy" the manufacture to bear corrodes series product the and so on the pump valve, pipeline enterprise, the company collection scientific research, the development, the production, serves a body, the use... many nitrogens chemical fertilizers, Because the nature is extremely unstable, in storesin the process to be easy to decompose the volatility, should use the air-tight plastic bag or other seals bears the corrosion the vessel to store. Guards against moistly.. More or less guards against the corrosion chemical fertilizer all to have the corrosion , to stores the vessel certainly to have strictly to choose. The carbon ammonia, the calcium superphosphate and so on, can store into in no way the cloth sack, the gunnysack or the paper bag, should store in... fuel gas corrosion test 5th chapter of localized corrosion testing method 5.1 eclipses to experiment 5.2 slits corrosion test 5.3 galvanic corrosions to experiment between 5.4 crystals the corrosion test.. The industry corrosion monitoring technology 14th chapter of corrosion monitoring control unit and the method choose in the 15th chapter of corrosion monitoring thecomputer [ to print this page using the reference according to Ctrl+p ]... the this sheet copper corrosion determinant introduces the Japanese advanced technology production, conforms to GB5096, the ASTMD130 standard request. Is suitable to petroleum product and so on aviation gasoline, rocket fuel, motor petrol, petroleum, diesel oil, casing head gasoline, lubricating oil to sheet copper corrosion degree evaluating. The specify this sheet copper corrosion cryoscope uses the fuzzy control principle, expert PID ... Furniture Leather Clock and watch Dairy product Drink Eyeglasses Handicraft Sews the machinery Sporting goods Toy Feather Illumination Weighing appara tus Ceramics Battery Musical instrument Bicycle Culture and education thing The Chinese light industry federation sponsors Food Electrical appliances Papermaking Plastic Brews alcohol Hardware Date Shoes industry Glass More professions >> Beijing stainless steel corrosion sign copper corrosion sign stainless steel sign bronze medal metal product label (2008-1-8 12:18:22) Detailed content: The Beijing great metal product label factory for the specialized manufacture metal corrosion product label factory, may in the metal surface corrosion carving size writing chart sign, the writing chart sign precision high, , fills in the color to use the paint for the automobile baking varnish, to be durable does not fade, but the furnished raw material processing, please call for more information. Now in the market condition makes the metal corrosion product label all is some spurts draws the carving advertisement company, they on have not manufactured the corrosion product label the ability, all looks for our two processings, when you looked reached this point the news you to find the genuine factory. Business scope: Bronze medal, aluminum sign, stainless steel sign, titanium gold medal and in view of metal material quality surface processing. (Business unit medal, the dealer are authorized the sign, each kind of active commemoration sign, the shop advertisement, the ritual brand, decorates the sign, The hotel with the sign, the administrative offices sign, the street sign, the equipment data plate, the furniture thing product label, each kind of factory police shows the sign and so on.) Contact method: message Member category: High-level member (probation period) Corporate name: Beijing stainless steel corrosion sign Beijing great metal product label factory Contact person: Ma Hui Telephone: 086-010-87358517 Facsimile: Address: South Beijing East City four links road Mail: The Copyright© China light industry network, after the written authorization, please have not reprinted, the offender legally must investigate Beijing ICP prepares 05.05215 million

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